First Impressions

Welcome to Mano Tigre Designs blog. This is my space to explore my own creativity and move towards goals that I have set before me. I will share what I have learned and hope it will be a place where I can network with you.

I have always thought of myself as self taught. But that really isn’t true. For much of my life I believed that if I didn’t have a degree, then I didn’t have the right knowledge to be considered acceptable. But life is a beautiful thing and I have learned a little from a lot of places and people. I think of myself as a gleaner. If you don’t know what that is, a gleaner is someone who picks up the crops that the harvesters dropped. It is in the Bible, and was a way of helping people, who were poor, have a way to be able to eat. Recently a dear friend of mine said that I was also a gleaner of people. I pick up the ones who have been thrown away and dropped. I love that.

Gleaning to me, is recognizing the talent, skills, and resources in other people and asking if they will share their knowledge with me. Most people are delighted to.  There is such a wealth of information out there! In fact, just today, I sat with a new friend, John, who proceeded to encourage me with my goals. This blog has started because of him. I had been toying with the idea for a while, but was having trouble starting. A little fear involved of being consistent.

Not so he said. “Do it!”

And so, here I begin. I hope that this will be a place for all to glean, share, and be better for it.