5ft turtle design on the floor of shop in Costa Rica

5ft turtle design on the floor of shop in Costa Rica

The Mano Tigre Designs Blog was created to share stories from the past, stories of the here and now, overcoming, and learning to start over.

Mano Tigre, or tiger paw, is the split leaf philodendron plant that is very prevalent in the tropical rain forest.  They are my favorite. Leaves in general symbolize healing for me. Revelations 22:2 is about the tree of life and how the leaves are for the healing of the nations. That is a verse that brings me peace and hope and keeps me focused on good things, healing things, in a world that hurts.

My faith in God is strong. I have spent most of my life living outside of church walls, and seeing the beauty of abundant nature in all of its glory all around me. God is love. A verb that is unconditional. Everyone is included. From experiences I have gone through, hard, wretched times where people have utterly abandoned me, God still stands true to His Word and walks me through this journey called life.

My blog will have God weaved through. I can not separate myself, my stories, my life from Him. I am lost without Him and I am who I am because of Him. Many a morning, I would be outside looking at the iridescent shimmer from a humming bird’s chest when caught in the sunlight, or the intricate and clever design of an orchid that give off pheromones that attract a certain kind of love struck wasp to pollinate the flower and would just whisper, “God! You are so amazing!” Sometimes. Most of the time I would be speechless. Times like when I looked closely when watching the transformation of a caterpillar to a chrysalis. Before my eyes, a few wiggles and it’s done. Speechless and in AWE.

There are plans to write books. There are plans to start a business with arts in the area. I am in a process that is deep and won’t be rushed. One thing about living in the jungle for so long taught me about seasons and patience. There are days/weeks that I feel like I am not making any progress. But I am. I learn something new every day. I have been so thankful for the people around me in my life right now. They are strong, they see my potential, they challenge me to stretch out and walk forward.

I am, in few words, highly blessed. May this blog bless you too.


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